Olderhill Kennels

Olderhill Kennels are owned and run by Gillian Elliott with a bit of help from her family. The daughter of a gamekeeper, she has been deeply involved in the breeding and working of Labrador Retrievers nearly all her life and in the mid-1980’s became involved with German Shepherds when her long-standing acquaintance with Anne Butler grew into close friendship. Anne Butler had been breeding the famous Olderhill GSDs from the late 1940’s and her dogs became the main stay of several police forces as well as some branches of the prison service.

Gillian joined Anne as co-owner of the Olderhill affix in May 1988 and she now uses the affix when registering with the Kennel Club all her GSDs, Labradors and the occasional litter of English Springer Spaniels and Cocker Spaniels. She carried on Anne’s contacts with the police forces and continued to supply GSDs as well as, when required, Labradors as sniffer dogs.


All Olderhill dogs are bred for work but their kind nature means that they are also ideal as family pets. The tall, high standing, bearing of the GSDs mean that they will not attract much attention on the show bench but are much in demand by those looking for a dog for tracking. Our Labradors come from a long line of well known Field Trial Champions.

It goes without saying that Gillian recognises the importance of good hips in all those dogs that she breeds from and her Labradors are also tested under the KC/BVA/Eyes scheme. Puppies are sold with KC registration, free insurance and diet guidance. A ‘starter-kit’ of the current diet is given to each new owner to ensure that any change can be introduced gradually to the puppy. In every case the dame and usually the sire of each litter is available.